Compadre Zoysia grass seed is an improved hybrid seeded Zoysia grass that is the result of a two parent cross of Zoysia japonica selections made by the late Jack Murray at the USDA turfgrass station in Beltsville, Maryland. Compadre has good color, texture and density which compares favorably with vegetative varieties at a much lower cost. The name Compadre was chosen to reflect that the variety may be paired with a cool season grass such as a turf-type tall fescue to create a year round green lawn.

Compadre Zoysia is widely adapted and will flourish in the temperate zone, from the northern transition zone of the U.S. south, into the tropical zones, and in similar climates around the world. Compadre can be grown in all types of soil textures ranging from sands to clays. It is tolerant to a range of pH from acidic to alkaline. Compadre Zoysia is very drought tolerant. Under drought conditions, it may turn a straw color; however it has the ability to recuperate with subsequent irrigation or rainfall. Compadre has shown excellent resistance to Large Brown Patch which can occasionally damage turf.

Compadre Zoysia is wear tolerant and can be used on golf courses, athletic fields (baseball, softball and soccer), lawns and parks. In the south, Compadre has good shade tolerance while in the cooler areas it needs more sun. Compadre is a popular grass for the coastal areas due to its increased tolerance for salt spray. It is also extremely tolerant of high salt concentrations in both irrigation water and soil. Compadre requires lower maintenance with natural weed suppression and lower fertilizer and water requirements. It can be maintained at variable mowing heights depending on use, from 1 inch to 2.5 inches (2.5 cm to 6 cm). With increased maintenance and care, Compadre may be mowed at 0.5 inches (1.25 cm).


  • USA grown certified seed, treated for faster germination and establishment
  • Good density and texture for reduced weed invasion
  • Excellent Large Brown Patch resistance
  • Wide area of adaptation
  • Salt and drought tolerant


Uses: Ideal choice for sports turf, commercial landscapes,golf courses, home lawns and sod farms

Emergence: 15–20 days under ideal conditions
First mowing: when plant reaches 2 inches in height
First use: 10–14 weeks

Seeding Rates
New Turf:
1–3 lbs per 1,000 sq ft

1/2 to 1 lb. per 1000 sq. ft.

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