Zoysia fulfills a forty-year-old dream! When the U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Station at Beltsville, Maryland in 1951 released Meyer (Z-52) Zoysia, researchers were then looking for a good turf quality Zoysia that would also be a good seed producer.

Finding the right Zoysia was one factor of the equation. How to harvest the seed was another, and a still greater challenge was how to overcome Nature's endowing Zoysia seeds with a material that makes them extremely slow to sprout.

Zenith Zoysia is a "synthetic" seed from three-selected parent clones whose performance was observed at the Beltsville Research Station for many years. The concept is that through cross-pollination the progeny has the vigor of a hybrid and that each parent plant contributes other desirable traits, such as better color, disease, drought and insect resistance, etc.


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