Panda Zoysia Grass Seed - Panda Zoysia is a warm season lawn and turf variety of grass seed. Panda Zoysia grass seed produces a low maintenance lawn grass. Panda Zoysia features a medium to fine leaf texture and a light to medium green color. Panda Zoysia grass has moderate to good drought resistance, average shade tolerance and requires little fertilization to maintain. Overall Panda is a great variety of Zoysia and is comparable to Zenith and Compadre in performance for lawn grass applications.

Seed Rates: 1-2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.

Panda Brand Zoysia is a people friendly lawn grass. Panda Zoysia is the original low maintenance lawngrass for people who want an attractive lawn, without spending all of their leisure time taking care of it.


Seeding Panda Zoysia:

Panda Zoysia grass seed should be applied to a clean firm seedbed at 1-2 lbs per 1000 sq ft. After seeding, lightly rake or drag the area to incorporate the seed and soil. Do not cover more than 1/4 inch.

Warm-season grass -- leaf texture from fine to medium coarse -- color ranges from light to medium green -- forms a dense, low maintenance lawn -- spreads by stolons and rhizomes -- shoot growth rate is slow. Easy to maintain.

Recommended Usage:
Hot, humid and tropical climates. Zoysia can withstand very heavy usage. Zoysia is recommended for residential and commercial lawn sites.

Temperature Tolerance:
Tolerates heat exceptionally well up to 100º F. Zoysia is subject to winter dormancy as it turns tan to brown at temperatures below 55º F. Zoysia japonica has fair cold hardiness and is the best of the zoysias, but still ranks lower than cool-season turfgrasses.

Drought Resistance:
Panda Zoysia has moderate to good drought resistance. Zoysia resists short periods of drought takes heat as well or better than any other grass. Zoysia can go into summer dormancy when irrigation is withheld during extremely dry spells.

Shade Adaptation:
Zoysia has moderate to good shade tolerance. Irrigation is recomended for shady lawn applications. Zoysia is slow growing and will take longer to establish in partial shade.

Wear Resistance:
Zoysia has good to excellent wear resistance and is commonly used for lawn and turf applications.

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