Planting Zoysia Grass Seed - How to plant a new Zoysia Lawn from Seed!


Step 1: Remove all existing vegetation including weeds and other grasses. If you use Round-up on weeds and grasses you should wait about a week before cultivating the area to allow the round-up to work. Take a soil sample from your lawn area to your County Extension Agent for soil analysis.

Step 2: Prepare the seed bed for planting. Cultivate and level the area you wish to seed.
You can use a Rototiller in several different directions to loosen the top six to eight inches of soil. Pick up all sticks and stones as well as any plant debris. Level the ground by dragging a heavy drag around the area to fill in the low spots and pull down any high humps. Remember your lawn will never be any more level and smooth than you make the seed bed so spend the extra time now to get it as smooth and level as possible.

Step 3: If there has been construction on the area be sure that if the soil has been pushed around that you do not have sub soil on top of the ground or other types of non organic fill. If you do you should bring in some good organic top soil to cover these areas to provide your new seedlings with a proper soil medium to grow in.

Step 4: Spread lime and fertilizer according to the recommendations of your soil analysis. Incorporate the lime and fertilizer into your seed bed and drag smooth.

Step 5: Seed the area using a seed spreader at the recommended seeding rate. Lightly drag or rake the seed into the soil. Roll the seeded area with a lawn roller if possible.
This presses the seed tight against surrounding soil and prevents air pockets in your seed bed.

Step 6: Water the area gently with sprinklers. Continue daily watering (unless it rains) until the seeds have germinated. After germination you need to keep the top two inches of soil damp until a good root system has developed. Decrease watering unless you notice grass leaves showing signs of wilting then resume watering.

Step 7: Allow your grass to grow to at least four inches tall before mowing. Do not mow the grass lower than three inches the first year. Although frequency of mowing should be when the grass needs to be mowed, more frequent mowing may be necessary if weeds are growing faster that your grass. Do not use herbicides on your new lawn the first year just mow weeds more frequently not allowing them to go to seed.

Step 8: You should apply one or two pounds of 16-4-8 fertilizer per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn about six to eight weeks after germination. Water the area after spreading the fertilizer just enough to dissolve the fertilizer into the soil. It is preferable to use slow release fertilizer on young lawns because young grasses cannot take up fertilizer very fast until it develops an extensive root system.

Step 9: Fertilizer program. After the first year of growth you should adopt a fertilizer program and stick to it. First application should be in the spring after the danger of frost is over. Apply two pounds of a 16-4-8 slow release lawn fertilizer per 1000 sq. ft. of lawn area. Lightly water the area after spreading the fertilizer until dissolved into the soil.
Next application should be in the middle of the summer around mid July. Repeat the same application as the spring. The third application should be in September using the same application as the spring and summer. This will be the last application until next spring when you repeat the same program. Do not fertilize in the winter months.


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